Thematic Tour – Garden Party
After a day of busy working life, we need some space to take a rest. In Wan Chai, one of the districts with the least resting space per capita, a resting area can arise from just a small open area in between packed buildings with signages and benches. Chop Suey, an art group formed by artist Frank Tang and composer Charles Kwong will be giving a sound performance in parks of Wan Chai ,..
HKAC Art Shop Inspiration series x Lingnan University 50th Anniversary Lecture S..
Open Architecture: Migration, Citizenship and Urban Renewal Exploring the implications of the concept of “open” as a common metaphor in the era of global connections, and as a foundational modern value albeit prone to contradictions, this lecture defines open architecture as the translation of a new ethics of hospitality into design process. In particular, it exemplifies the inclinatio..
Talk: The Perspective of Comics Artist on Hong Kong and Taiwanese Cross-media C..
More than just a creator, multidisciplinary comics artist from Taiwan also prides himself for being ‘trendy’. His influences in the cultural and commercial sectors are phenomenal. When Taiwanese Pop culture icon Push Comic meets Hong Kong, be prepared for lots of sparks! Apart from sharing his experiences and insights in cross-media creations, he will also share his thoughts on trends, ar..
Push Comic Live Drawing Demonstration
It’s your golden chance to meet and greet the Taiwanese comics master! Join the live drawing demonstration and you can watch closely how Push Comic creates his work on the spot, utilising different materials, such as wood, paper and shirt. Date: 20/10/2018 (SAT) Time: 4:30pm-6pm Venue: Eric Hotung Rehearsal Studio (LB, Hong Kong Arts Centre) Participating Artist:..
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