Art of Commercials 2017 Seminar: What’s Next? The Dynamics in Hong Kong Mark..
Guest Speaker: Mr. Michael Bantigue Head of Client Services, BBDO Moderator: Mr. Christopher Cheung Lecturer, Hong Kong Art School Conducted in English Free admission with online registration
The 7th Hong Kong International Deaf Film Festival - Seminar
Seminar Title: Indian and Bollywood Deaf Film Speakers: Mr. Murali Kuppusamy (Director of India International Deaf Film Festival); Mrs. Ashwini Melwaney (Bollywood Deaf Hairstylist & Makeup Expert) Content: The guest speakers will have presentations of current situation of Indian Deaf society and film development, so as the development of Deaf Film production in the Bollywo..
【Walk Art: Sensory Exploration】
With all the visual excitements in the city, sometimes we may unconsciously numb our senses when relating to our surroundings. When was the last time you smelled the scents of Hong Kong, “Fragrant Harbour”? Join us for an olfactory journey for an intimate exploration of the city. We will start with a gentle yoga session to come back to the present, and wake up our five senses. With the awa..
【Walk Art: Mobile Theatre】
To what extent could Kwun Tong be related to “romance”? The district is where old industrial buildings are demolished for new business high-rises, but there are indeed so much more than merely business talks here. Where there are people, there are love stories; where there are love stories, there are breakups. From bits and pieces of audio traces, you are now an investigator specialising..
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