HKAC x ACC: Creative Mind Series: Enrico Isamu Oyama
HKAC x ACC Creative Mind Series is a joint initiative between Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC) and Asian Cultural Council (ACC) where the extraordinary cohort of ACC grantees from multi-disciplines will give regular talks at the HKAC on topics relating to arts, cultural exchange, artistic and cultural thinking across borders, giving rise to infinite possibilities of reality. Enrico Isamu..
International Animated Shorts @ CHB: A selection of Tricky Women Festival 2015
Tricky Women Festival, which takes place every year in March around the date of the International Women’s Day, focuses on animated films made by women and therefore fills a unique position within the international festival landscape since 2001. Nine awarded short films were selected for the Tricky Women Festival 2015 which aims to confront the audience with the unlimited aesthetics of animati..
International Animated Shorts @ CHB: A selection of Ars Electronica Animation
Ars Electronica, one of the most renowned media arts festivals in the world, selects top-notch animations for its Animation Festival every year. Nine animations from the 2015 edition that competed for the Prix Ars Electronica will be screened to illustrate surprising possibilities of animation in terms of materials and narratives. *Free Admission Co-presenter: Hong Kong Arts Ce..
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