Sonic Anchor #29 Part II - Second Coming Series: hardworking circuit #1.3
For this edition of Second Coming, sound and media artist Wong Chun Hoi will re-make one of his iconic pieces - the hardworking circuit - and turn the piece into a site-specific work. Wong is interested in the “dumbness” of an electronic circuit, and the aesthetic potential of a schema of monotonous, repetitive circuit. Such circuits are consisted of numerous relay switches, daisy-chained ..
Jocky Club ifva Everywhere – Master Class and Artist Mentoring Scheme “Story..
Creating animation is never easy as it is an art of storytelling, illustration, music and photography. Animators have to carefully analysis the movement and facial expression of characters in order to create the animation stroke by stroke, frame by frame. Any mistakes of one stroke can lead to remaking of a scene. A 3-minute animation might requires six months of production. Hong Kong anima..
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