Independently Yours x International Contemporary Documentary Programme – Aftermath
24/5 (Fri 五)
Eric Hotung Studio, LB/F Hong Kong Arts Centre
24/5 (Fri 五) 7:45pm
In collaboration with Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong Actual Images Association presents two documentary screening sessions and a work-in-progress documentary sharing at the “Independently Yours x Contemporary International Documentary Programme – Aftermath”.
Taiwanese scholar Guo Lixin once said that a documentary has the capacity of exploring the complex social structure, especially during social unrest. Therefore, while pivoting on the very scene of the social movements, this collaborated programme also pays equal attention to the sequels aroused by the campaign. The aftermath of social movements offers a unique standpoint, allowing us to understand the “connection” and imagine the “extension” of the struggles.
The programme presents three documentaries, including how various groups and communities in Thailand manage the arising of patriotism in Homogeneous, Empty Time; the actions of the Russian performance artist who turns his body into the scene for resistance to his authoritarian country in Pavlensky: Life Naked; and the persistent endeavours sequel to Hong Kong’s localism movement featured in a work-in-progress documentary. Amid the chaotic international affairs, the social exploration capabilities of the documentary genre are undoubtedly even more commendable.

Work-in-Progress Documentary Sharing: Comrade On The Road
Director: Fai Wan
Hong Kong | 2019 | TBC | In Cantonese with no subtitles | HD | Colour
24/5 (Fri) 7:45pm@Eric Hotung Studio, LB/F Hong Kong Arts Centre

*The screening is a work-in-progress documentary sharing at Eric Hotung Studio (on LB level).
*Director will attend the after-screening discussion with audience (conducted in Cantonese). Free admission by registration. Please stay tune for more details.

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