So Far, So Close: Master Class by Animator Liu Jian
17 / 3 / 2018
McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre
17 / 3 / 2018, 4:30pm
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Animators turn imagination into image flicks with their amusing brushes. Independent animators paint each frame of the animation one by one without the backup of a team but merely the perseverance which earns our utmost respect. In this edition of ifva, renowned animator Liu Jian, the director of 54th Golden Horse Best Animation Feature Have a Nice Day, will be sharing his experience with all blooming animators in the city.

Liu Jian will also be bringing with him four short animations with various styles which are highly experimental: FACE shows a face that never stop ‘‘metamorphosing’‘ while following the rhythm; Chaos & Order is a comparison of the complicated and abstract work of his then 10-year-old son with Liu’s simple and explicit style; Look at this Man questions the remaining ‘‘realness’‘ after repeated interpretation through his son’s hundred studies of Lu Xun’s portrait; and 1’min turns our imaginary future upside down.

Programme around 90 minutes long / Free Admission, experience in animation production required / Conducted in Putonghua

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