Fabulous Kimono Workshop in Hong Kong
Do you know how long does it take to wear a piece of kimono? Can you imagine a kimono which smells like chocolate? Famous kimono stylist from Kyoto, Mr. Tomita will lead you through the world of kimono, to explore its present and past. Audience will have a chance to be the models on stage, having a close contact with the gorgeous kimono!
Comics w/o Boundaries 6: Hong Kong and Berlin – the exchange goes on!
In June 2017 the Hong Kong Arts Centre’s Comix Home Base held its first comics exhibition Let’s Play Ping Pong! Hong Kong Comics in Berlin. During the exhibition, comic artists from Hong Kong carried out interesting exchange with local comic artists from Berlin. The exchange between the two cities goes on now when we have Aisha Franz in Hong Kong to talk with Hong Kong comic artist, Bon..
Thematic Tour – Garden Party
After a day of busy working life, we need some space to take a rest. In Wan Chai, one of the districts with the least resting space per capita, a resting area can arise from just a small open area in between packed buildings with signages and benches. Chop Suey, an art group formed by artist Frank Tang and composer Charles Kwong will be giving a sound performance in parks of Wan Chai ,..
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